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3 Months, Less than $75K, No TV Ads = 140,000 Votes!?

My name is Brett Rogers, and I managed the US Senate campaign of a little known man from Texas who had never held political office. In my work on the campaign over just three months time, he was not only known in many parts of Texas, but was mentioned in national and international media articles. Out of an 8-person race, he garnered over 140,000 votes. Where the incumbent spent over $8 per vote that he received, my candidate spent only 45 cents for each vote.

If you're looking for efficiency and traction, I can help you with that.

From the candidate himself:

"For the rest of my life I can say with confidence that I had the best campaign manager in Texas at one time."

"Brett Rogers and I met over a dinner with my family in September of 2013. In Brett, I found a kindred spirit in liberty. He has a clarity of purpose, and an engaging personality that draws people to him. His honesty is refreshing and his principles are solid. He and I became friends immediately."

"It was easy to see that he was both a communicator and a doer, which is a tough combination to find. I have witnessed his talents in management and marketing, media and messaging, and his ability to get 2 dollars of value out of a 1 penny investment. He has been invaluable in helping perpetuate my message of federalism to the largest number of Texans possible."

"I want it known that there is an incredible talent available to any business or campaign that is looking for the best. Brett is that talent."

I will help your campaign succeed in ways that few others can. Contact me today and see what I can offer to help you reach more people, faster and with less money. I know how to engage those willing to help you and pull them into the campaign, utilizing their greatest strengths and resources willingly.

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